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NFL Draft Prep – Deshaun Watson vs Pat Mahomes

Leading up to the NFL Draft many teams will continue their evaluation process on prospects while altering their draft boards in preparation for Draft day. CPGM will provide you a breakdown of two prospects matched against each other with similar draft projections to get you prepped for this year’s draft. Voting option below for your input on who you think the better prospect is.

NFL Draft
Deshaun Watson – Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

The Matchup:This matchup should be one of the more interesting debates based on both quarterback’s popularity and their ability to move the needle through constant social media takes. We have a national champion quarterback in Deshaun Watson, who for some reason had been under the radar leading up to the draft until performing well at the NFL Combine. Then we have the gun slinger from Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes. He has been one of the fastest rising quarterbacks through the draft process with some believing he is the number 1 QB in the 2017 class. Although the two signal callers have some similarities due to playing in a spread college friendly passing system, the differences between Watson and Mahomes’ playing style are stark. Watson is more of the standing tall in the pocket guy who will use his legs to gain additional yardage once he cannot identify where to go with the football. At Clemson there was a boat load of designed run plays implemented for him to be a weapon on the ground. Mahomes on the other hand has the rocket arm that often times goes outside the confines of the offense to create additional time for his receivers to get open down the field. Both these guys will need major coaching at the next level to improve their mechanics, footwork and ability to work thru progressions within the confines of an offense. The question on who will become the better prospect will come down to who accepts coaching with the ability to execute and who will make the better decisions with the football.

CPGM Headley’s Take: If you follow me on twitter @CPGMHeadley you can see my disdain and bafflement for Pat Mahomes supporters. I really don’t understand how you can look at the same tape I saw of Mahomes at Texas Tech and think he will be the best quarterback in this class, a first round talent, the next Brett Favre and whatever other ridiculousness I am seeing on Draft Twitter. Just by default I am giving this matchup to Deshaun Watson. Yes, Watson has flaws of his own with accuracy and decision making at times; however Watson has proved to be a winner, has more experience and raises the level of his play in the biggest games of the season. Another thing that Watson does a lot better than Mahomes is stand tall in the pocket and deliver passes. Mahomes is allergic to stepping up in the pocket and playing within the structure of an offense. Sure you can pull up a couple clips where he does step up and makes throws from the pocket but I can show you 10 times the amount of film where he is doing the opposite. Mechanically Mahomes is a mess that will take at least 2-3 years to attempt to fix at the next level. If a coaching staff has that kind of time and patience in a league that turns over coaches at a rapid rate, I wish them luck in making Mahomes an NFL caliber quarterback.

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CPGM Drew’s Take: I wanna make this clear I’m on the same train as @CPGMHeadley when it comes to Mahomes. There are a number of flaws in his game that don’t work for a QB in the league and will drive an OL and Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and QB Coach nuts; and get someone if not everyone fired. He’s at his best when the play breaks down or when he breaks the play down himself by not making the throws that are there to be made in the time they are intended to be made. Sandlot football is his style. What Mahomes does bring to the table is a hell of an arm and moxie. Think a very inexperienced Brett Favre. Now I think we all can agree he is not a starter for the coming season. In fact he needs to sit a minimum of three years to understand that there is structure and timing in an NFL offense. Don’t get me started on the footwork and his absolute refusal to stay inside the pocket when the pocket is still a pocket. If you needed to know what a “gamer” is Deshaun Watson is it. When the lights are brightest when the games tension is at its peak this is a guy who performs and plays at his best. I know Watson threw one too many interceptiions this year and at times his accuracy isn’t where it needs to be.

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NFL Comparison: Deshaun Watson – Marcus Mariota; Pat Mahomes – Jay Cutler



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