Nick Bosa 2019 NFL Draft

Nick Bosa 2019 NFL Draft Profile – CPGM Top 50

Couch Potato General Manager

Prospect Rank – #3

Position Rank – #1 Edge Rusher (Headley); #2 Edge Rusher (Drew)

Nick Bosa 2019 NFL Draft Profile

College: Ohio State

Height: 6’4

Weight: 266 lbs

CPGM Headley’s Prospect Notes


  • Uses hands in a highly effective way, technician
  • Can bend the edge outside or rush inside to create pressure there
  • Closes to the quarterback in a hurry
  • Can play the run game effectively
  • High motor guy that plays at 110%
  • Anticipates snap and uses his quick first step on his way to the quarterback
  • Schemes versatile, can play 5 technique, edge defender, standing up or hand in the dirt


  • Can be overpowered in the run game (see Michigan game 2017)
CPGM Drew’s Prospect Notes


  • Quick and explosive off the snap
  • Appears to have a plan no matter who he is facing (Like his brother)
  • High motor and effort
  • Hand usage is off the charts, whether it be stab, lift, chop, club
  • Can set the edge with proper use of his hands and arm length, extending those arms and keeping the tackle away from his body
  • Has a bag tricks that he is ready to use on every snap, including but not limited to getting the offensive lineman’s hips and feet to go one way while he is going another, bull rush, swim move going inside and out, the push and pull, or just a straight burst up and around the blocker and variations of each keeping offensive linemen on their heels
  • He is extremely aware of his responsibilities and isn’t always thinking sack QB
  • Was chipped and swing blocked plenty, opposing teams were very aware of him and his capabilities.
  • Lateral movement doesn’t appear to be an issue


  • Played in only 3 games in 2018 (due to injury)