Power Rankings – CPGM Madden 20 Franchise

  • Seahawks takes the 1st spot on CPGM’s Power Rankings even though the Jaguars have scored more points and allowed the least amount of points in the league. Why? The strength of their wins beating the 3-1 Steelers, Saints, and Cardinals in convincing fashion.
  • Jaguars gets the 2nd ranking as they have dominated all their opponents scoring a league high 213 points and a league low 20 points allowed.
  • Another unbeaten team the Redskins is powered by the NFL break tackle leader Nick Chubb. NFC favorites the Redskins and the Seahawks are gearing up for a potential postseason matchup. Is this the start of a rivalry in the CPGM Madden 20 league?
  • AFC East looks like a 3 team race between the Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets. The Dolphins look to be the favorites as they beat the Patriots by a touchdown in Week 2. While the Patriots are a sleeper team to watch as they’ve beaten the Jets and lost close matchups to the aforementioned Fins and Steelers.
  • Speaking of the Steelers, their only loss was to the Seahawks, the top team in the quarterly power rankings. A divisional showdown between two rivals, the Ravens and Steelers matchup looms large in Week 5.
  • In what may be an early season upset, the Colts took down the unbeaten Raiders to bolster their ranking. Are the Raiders for real? A divisional matchup in week 10 against the Chargers will let us know who’s the real power house in the AFC West.
  • The AFC South looks to be the most competitive division in the league as the Colts who I mentioned just beat the unbeaten Raiders but is sitting in last place with a 2-2 record. The Jags are ranked 2nd in the power rankings and the Titans and Texans both have formidable wins on their resume.
  • The Redskins looks like their coasting in the NFC East. With the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles with only 1 win, they all face an uphill climb to get a wildcard birth.
  • The Saints are atop the NFC South but the Buccaneers, Falcons, and Panthers have all played well. The division is wide open as of now.
  • The Bears blew out the Packers in week 1, the Lions have 1 win against a Chiefs team that has no wins, and the Vikings have 0 wins. It will be a surprise if the Bears didn’t clinch the NFC North by early December. A thanksgiving playoff berth is also an option if the Packers somehow falter.
  • Last but not least is the toughest division in the CPGM league thus far, the NFC West. There is definitely a chance that 3 teams make it to the playoffs in this division. The Seahawks are the number 1 team. The Cardinals got a good win versus the Ravens and only loss was against the Seahawks. And the 49ers are a tough team to watch out for.

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