Power Rankings – CPGM Madden 20 Franchise (Midseason Year 2)

  • There are still 3 undefeated teams left. The Jaguars, Bears, and Redskins are the favorites to win the grand prize. Last year’s Super Bowl champs and perfect 19-0 season Jacksonville Jaguars is the team to beat in the CPGM Madden League. The Bears get the edge over the Redskins as they beat them last year in the playoffs, however there Week 14 rematch will be a game to watch later in the season to see who is the powerhouse of the NFC.
  • Let’s get into all the divisions starting with the AFC East. This is the Patriots division, sounds familiar. The Bills, Dolphins, and Jets will be fighting for a top 10 pick while the Patriots are fighting for a 1st round bye.
  • The AFC North looks to be a two-team race between the Steelers and the Browns. There matchup in week 15 and 17 to end the season will determine who wins the division and get a home game in the playoffs.
  • The Jaguars will for sure win the division, but the Colts football team with their 5 game win streak is a tough out in the AFC. Losing Lamar Jackson for 6 weeks hasn’t stopped the Colts from winning and now he’s back. Lets see if his return can elevate the Colts even more.
  • Last season division champs Chargers are once again at the top of the AFC West. After a heartbreaking loss to the Steelers last week in the closing seconds, the Chargers are now closer to the pack with the Chiefs and the Raiders. In this three-team race there are still a lot of games left to be played between them, so the AFC West is wide open.
  • The Redskins continue to have a strangle hold of the NFC East, but the Cowboys and Giants are more competitive this season. The Skins should get a first round bye, while the Cowboys and Giants fight for a wildcard birth.
  • The Bears continue to talk but also continue to win. Patrick Mahomes and company are looking unstoppable this season. The Vikings and Packers are fighting for a wildcard berth as this is Da Bears division.
  • The Saints are a very dangerous team as they represented the NFC in the Super Bowl last season, however the Falcons are winning games but took a loss to the Saints in Week 1. There rematch in Week 13 will be a pivotal game for the division.
  • The 49ers lead the division thus far, but the Seahawks and Cardinals are really good teams that’s not going away. This a three-team race, lets see if one of these teams can separate themselves from the pack.

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