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Punt, Pass, Play – Week 1

By: Jarred David @ricco_3733
Punt, Pass, Play – Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen, week one is upon us. It’s time to write your farewell letters to your spouse and children for the next twenty or so weeks—because Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes Thursdays are now accounted for in your schedule if you love football like the rest of us. I have the honor (and perhaps to your misfortune) of writing a weekly article on who to Punt (Cut), who to Pass (Trade), and who to Play (Keep) in redraft format. I will also throw in a quick Keep/Sell for you dynasty gurus who are like me. This week I was challenged from the fantasy community to debate three solid wide receivers: T.Y. Hilton, Josh Gordon, and Doug Baldwin. So as Jim Lahey said it best, “The sh*t blizzard has begun!!”

Doug Baldwin – Seattle Seahawks– Punt:

Now here me out. I’m a Baldwin homer through and through. But think about this: 1. He will only be at 85% throughout the year. As time progresses, the knee will dwindle OR Seattle will limit his snap count. 2. They have renewed faith in Chris Carson AND selected Rashaad Penny in the first round of the draft. Even with a questionable offensive line, they are going to focus on the running game. 3. Seattle’s defense is shaping up to be a trash can. Outside of Wagner and Wright (knee, doubtful), we can assume there will be blowouts, which means playing Baldwin on a bum knee makes as much sense as trading Khalil Mack away….. oh, wait. Sorry to say it, but even though Seattle has underwhelming receiving options beyond Baldwin, I’m keeping him on my cut list most of the year until proven otherwise.

Dynasty input: Sell him. He’s aging and the injury bug is already there. If he injures himself further, his stock will plummet, especially in dynasty at his age.

Josh Gordon – Cleveland Browns– Pass:
Josh Gordon
Antonio Callaway is starting this week and Josh Gordon has barely gotten any real practice time with the team on top of nursing a hamstring issue (he’s healthier now). I’m a believer Gordon finishes as a top 12 wide receiver this season, health and conduct issues aside. It’s excellent value for a 4th-5th rounder–where I’ve personally seen him get drafted. He’s worth the roster spot, but if you do trade for him, be patient as he settles in and is better prepared in week two and beyond. Regarding the seller in this trade, a large part of the fantasy community is looking pass his issues and are really pulling for the guy to turn it around. Since he is fully cleared to play, try selling him high now with a bundle deal. With what you can get in return and the potential talent he has, you may be able to acquire a high-end running back (top 10) with the right negotiating skills.

Dynasty input: Keep him. If he’s your WR3 or WR4, you’ll be in tip-top shape. I take the risk in keeping him as the reward is far greater. Only move him if you can acquire players or picks that will help your team more than Gordon will be able to.

T.Y. Hilton – Indianapolis Colts– Play:
T.Y. Hilton
First of all, yes, I’m aware the Bengals defense finished a respectable eighth in pass defense in 2017. However, no one in that secondary suggest they are nothing more than solid run support DBs up to this point. Adam Jones is gone, Kirkpatrick is average at best, Burfict is suspended (shocker), and Jessie Bates is a rookie. Add in the fact that Andrew Luck is ready to go and the Colts themselves also have a defense as sexy as Betty White in lingerie? I’m taking this shootout matchup all day. Second, unlike Baldwin, Hilton IS healthy, has felt better than ever, and has his star QB returning. All signs are pointing up for the 2016 receiving yards leader. Last, the Colts RB situation is suspect. No one has shined in the preseason and that means more pass attempts and more targets for Hilton. Play T.Y. with confidence and play him often.

Dynasty Input: Keep him. Fast + Freaky + Andrew Luck = Top 12. It’s a simple equation just as it is a simple answer: keep him or sell only if he’s your WR3 and his value is respectable in a trade. People are forgetting he did rather well with Jacoby Brissett under center last year. With Luck back, I see Hilton easily being a low-end top 12, high-end top 7 wide receiver.

About the Author – Jarred Riccadonna is a West Virginia native and has always been a fan of the Cowboys and Packers. A lover of fantasy football, Jarred is currently in two dynasty and one IDP league. Other interests include throwing darts competitively, kayaking, traveling and working out. For 2018, Jarred is CPGM’s contributing author for our weekly segment “Punt, Pass, Play.” He currently lives in Columbus, OH. You can reach out to him for fantasy advice at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.

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