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Punt Pass Play – Week 10

Well, I had my worst week in playing DeSean Jackson over Marvin Jones and Courtland Sutton. This week I am pretty excited because Week 10 brings you a “transaction edition” of Punt, Pass, and Play, as I hinted last week. This week’s edition includes Golden Tate, Dez Bryant, and Amari Cooper.

Punt Pass Play
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Dez Bryant – New Orleans Saints – Punt:

UPDATE: Dez Bryant suffered a season-ending injury during practice.

As a Cowboys fan, I appreciate everything Dez has done. However, there’s are other reasons why it took him so long to sign with a team other than his toxic personality. I believe he ended up in a pretty good spot overall, but the fact that he hasn’t played a snap all season creates some cause for concern in inserting him in your lineup this week. I will need to see his snap count, how the Saints use him, and how well he learns and adapts to Sean Payton’s complicated offense while not throwing a hissy fit. Furthermore, he is likely the third or fourth mouth to feed behind Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and Mark Ingram. Dez will be a touchdown dependent wide receiver the rest of the year.

Dynasty Outlook:

Don’t get too excited. Dez is on a one-year deal and will be a free agent afterwards. If you can, sell him at a moderate price or bundle him with another player in a deal. He may impress, but the way the offense is changing in the NFL, Dez has been reluctant to change his playing style to being a possession slot-type receiver, which is where he would likely flourish now that Father Time has paid him a visit. If you don’t have much reason to move him, however, the upside gamble can still pay off reasonably well. Again, keep in mind that he is only on the one year deal and will likely end up in a spot similar to Brandon Marshall.

***Update – Report: Dez Bryant won’t debut in Week 10***

Punt Pass Play
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Amari Cooper – Dallas Cowboys – Pass:

Again, as a Cowboys fan, this is tough for me to fathom. I think a change of scenery will be great for Cooper, and it already looks like they are going to try to force feed him and let his talent take way. Recent history shows that Cooper has been a boom-or-bust type of player. Again, with my personal style in fantasy, I need to see more before I start Amari unless there’s a late Week 10 Bye (such as a Nuk owner) to use him as a FLEX. However, the Eagles defensive line sports one of the better pass rushes, which will face a surprisingly struggling offensive line for the Cowboys. All this leads to a rather underwhelming matchup for an extremely boring Scott Linehan-led offense.

Dynasty Outlook:

Dynasty-wise, I think Amari Cooper is worth the hold. Again, a change of scenery and the fact he is only 24 years old with two 1,000 yard seasons? Pen me in for using him…next season. I think this season is where he will need to learn the playbook more, getting adapted, and praying (like most of us Cowboys) that Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan both get fired. The only thing is, if that happens, poor Amari will have to learn yet another offense and have a fourth head coach in two seasons, so we will see. Alternatively, you can probably still sell him relatively high and bundle him in a deal for a solid pick or some players.

Punt Pass Play
Kiel Leggere

Golden Tate — Philadelphia Eagles – Play:

Probably one of the most undervalued receivers in the league, Golden Tate is the best play of the three this week and deservedly so. I believe he may lose a few targets a game with Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery in the fold, but the remaining receptions will have more yards applied to them with the space created because of Ertz and Jeffery, and run-after-catch is Tate’s specialty. Let us also not forget that Tate has shown consistency with 90+ receptions four straight seasons (one with 99) and 1,000+ yards three out of the past four seasons. Even with having two Bye weeks, Tate is still on pace to have about 83 receptions. With Alshon’s injury history, Tate has a real opportunity to slide in as the WR1 for the Eagles. Not having the luxury of playing in a dome may affect Tate, but I’m all in on the Wentz-Tate connection.

Dynasty Outlook:

Buy, Buy, Buy. If you don’t own Tate, try to acquire him. He’s only 30. Although he is a free agent after this season, I think the Eagles will try to extend him since Nelson Agholor has been as indecisive as I am when figuring out where I want to eat. Worst case is Tate goes to a team where he can win a ring after the Eagles (assuming he doesn’t win it with them), meaning where there are contenders, there will be a solid offensive system, quarterback, coach, or all three, which will only help Tate’s draft stock. Buy into him this year, especially if you’re trying to win this year, or even in a losing situation, he is worth around a late second round pick.

To summarize this week’s Punt Pass Play, Dez Bryant is in a solid offensive spot, but the Saints haven’t been able to open up much for the WR2/3 on their team, so I’m not sold on him as a play this week. Amari Cooper has the upside to be a good play, but the Cowboys offense is as entertaining as watching grass grow, which hinders his ceiling. Golden Tate has Wentz throwing to him and will fit in nicely in the Eagles high-powered offense that’s lacking a running game. For more fantasy advice, add me on Twitter (@ricco_3733) or ask via email at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.com. Until then, I’ll see you for the Week 10 edition of Punt Pass Play!



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