Punt Pass Play

Punt Pass Play – Week 15

By: Jarred David @ricco_3733
Punt Pass Play – Week 15

Welcome to Week 15’s playoff edition of Punt, Pass, Play. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. For most formats, this week is the week before the championship match. So no pressure, right?

Well, if you’re looking to me for further advice in reading this, I want to thank you for entrusting me with such an honor. Let’s ride this ship to the chip or sink down like the Titanic. To help alleviate your uncertainties and nervousness, I’ve discussed with some upper level peers of mine and we’ve decided that this week’s article should involve a trio of slot wide receivers: Julian Edelman, Adam Humphries and Jarvis Landry.

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Adam Humphries – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Punt:

Adam Humphries has done really well this year, especially helping those get into the playoffs and already nabbing a career high in yardage (648) and touchdowns (5) up to this point and well on his way to receptions (57, 61 being his career high). However, as most of my write-ups, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I also look at matchups. This matchup is with the Baltimore Ravens, who are only allowing the third least amount of passing yards (206.2) and is the second best defense overall. With Mike Evans still in town and Cameron Brate being his typical red zone threat, the appeal for Adam Humphries is nearly non-existent for me even with DeSean Jackson ruled out. 

Dynasty Outlook:

Adam Humphries has proven he belongs in the league as a solid FLEX option and even more valuable to the Bucs. However, he is a free agent after this season, so there is some viability in owning him and keeping him as a decent dart throw. Even though I’m mentioning this for the hundredth time, I still foresee DeSean Jackson being out in Tampa Bay, leaving Godwin and Mike Evans as the guys to own. Personally, if Humphries does re-sign, grab him. There’s no way he signs to be a bench guy. Though with the young talent at wideout in Tampa Bay, he is an expendable candidate. Buy low or keep Humphries in dynasty.

Jarvis Landry – Cleveland Browns – Pass:

Well, well, well. I’m still hating on Landry. Last time I did that, he went off to shut me down. Welp, I’m more than tempted to play “No Scrubs” by TLC as I write this. I’m not fully buying into the Landry hype even after consecutive weeks of production. However, if you’re buying into Landry running the ball again, you’re wrong and I refuse to bank on luck. 11.4 fantasy points came from his rushing yards and touchdown, which accounted for approximately 45% point total. Otherwise, he’s only gone 14/212/1 receiving over four games with 103 coming from one game. The one benefit he has going for him is Chris Harris Jr. being out for the year, rendering an exploitation chance for Landry against Bradley Roby and Jamar Taylor. Landry will be a WR3 in my book due to his inconsistent performance and I struggle to trust him for the floor we were all used to before. 

Dynasty Outlook:

Jarvis Landry will be in Cleveland for a while. There’s weeks where they seem like they know how to use him for more than just underneath routes, then others he’s completely off the radar. While this is year one for Landry in Cleveland, I firmly believe he will only improve and build chemistry with Baker Mayfield. If you can, take advantage of this less-than-stellar year and try buying low. I think Landry trends into a CONSISTENT (emphasis added for a reason) top 15 wide receiver next season.

Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman – New England Patriots – Play:

There’s four certain things in the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers game: Tom Brady is still very good, Julian Edelman is still the most consistent and targeted player (20 combined the past two weeks) for the Pats, the Steelers are extremely good at blitzing (45 sacks–2nd in the league), and the Steelers secondary and linebackers coverage is still below average (6 INTs–T-28th). Put all this into a blender, mix it, and out comes a very good opportunity for Julian Edelman to shine in the slot. With those blitzes coming in, Edelman will fit right into the soft spots in the zone while Gronk continually and historically will shred them on the deeper plays. There’s no secret formula here to play Edelman safely as a high-floor WR2 with potential to produce WR1 with a score.

Dynasty Outlook:

I regrettably moved Edelman for a 2nd round pick earlier in the year even though I had the depth to cover it. I think Edelman last another year in New England until his contract is up. So, use age and retirement to your advantage during the off-season and try making the move for him. With Braxton Berrios returning from a season-ending injury, they will surely use his sophomore year to get up to speed in the Belichick system (unless he ends up in Green Bay…stranger things have happened). So snag Edelman and if you own him, move him for a 2nd like I did or bundle something solid for him.

To summarize this week’s Punt Pass Play, elite defenses have proven to shut down most star players this week, so Adam Humphries is due for another regression game. Jarvis Landry can be a decent FLEX play, but look at your other options. Julian Edelman is the continued starter for an ALMOST guaranteed floor against a weak Steelers secondary. For more fantasy advice, add me on Twitter (@ricco_3733) or ask via email at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.com. Until then, I’ll see you for Championship Week 16 playoff edition of Punt Pass Play!