Punt Pass Play

Punt Pass Play – Week 7

By: Jarred David @ricco_3733
Punt Pass Play – Week 7

They say admittance is the key to moving on, so here it goes: Although Cameron Brate filled in decently as a floor with one TD reception, I was torched in last week’s article pretty badly. I was wrong about O.J. Howard getting put on a snap count. I was wrong about Brate being a high ceiling play last week. Most shockingly, I was wrong about Eric Ebron going off due to his laundry list of injuries. Bragging about being right with respect to Jared Cook doesn’t say much. This was an abusive week. All I can say is I’m a perfect husband…someday. I’ll admit I’m wrong. This week was it. 4-2 (2-loss slump).

On to Week 7. We are going back into a wide receiver edition of Punt, Pass, Play where the matchups are plentiful. Enjoy the read as I take you on what you should do with Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, and Brandin Cooks.

Jarvis Landry – Cleveland Browns – Punt:

I didn’t like when he went to the Browns and I still don’t. I like that Todd Haley is opening up his route running and trying to use him more like a wide receiver compared to hitches, screens, and slants in Miami. However, for fantasy AND real-life purposes, this season has been difficult for Landry. He’s on pace for the least amount of catches AND touchdowns in his career. And even though he has a juicy matchup against a porous Tampa Bay defense, him catching 11-of-29 targets for 114 yards over Mayfield’s three starts is enough for me to say punt Landry. He’s a viable FLEX for another deep Bye week, but shop him while his name holds value.

Dynasty Outlook:

Jarvis Landry is turning 26 next month. He’s worth keeping as he is the De Facto WR1 in Cleveland. Second, Baker Mayfield will continue to improve, especially if Hue Jackson deservedly gets the pink slip after this year. Third, for the superstitious types, most wide receivers begin peaking between ages 26-28. I like Landry as it stands, and if you can buy low on him in dynasty, the long-term ROI should enable him to get into top-12 wide receiver territory again. Just be patient with him as he gets acclimated to a new system and crappy weather this season.

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Josh Gordon — New England Patriots – Pass:

I get it. Josh Gordon is your Frankenstein. You want to unleash him. You want him to go off and be the next Randy Moss in Boston. Guess what? So do I. Unfortunately, he’s not quite ready this week. He’s still nursing a nagging hamstring injury. More importantly, he’s still working his way into the playbook and building up his playing time. Simply put, Gordon will be providing some strong ROI in another week or two. This may be annoying for you to still have to wait, but I pointed this out in the Week 1 article on him too. Hang on to Gordon or ONLY sell him high based on the snap count he received last week (81%) with anticipation he’ll be a strong play in the coming weeks. Only play Gordon if Julian Edelman (Heel) is out this week. Otherwise, wait another week before unleashing the monster on the town. I really like Halloween, by the way.

Dynasty Outlook:

Gordon is still young and it looks as though his relapses are behind him. Being on a Belichick team is more of a privilege than it is a job. I think this will keep Josh Gordon in check. So, it’s time to keep him on your roster and only sell for a ridiculous price. Oh yeah, he’s having the GOAT throwing to him for the foreseeable future. Let’s keep it simple: hang on to JG10.

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Brandin Cooks — Los Angeles Rams – Play:

I have to give my buddy Ryan kudos (@fntsyfbconnect) about being a Brandin Cooks homer. When he went to the Rams, I figured he would be the third mouth to feed in St. Louis like Sammy Watkins. He wouldn’t trade him to me in dynasty, and he’s proven his reliability on his way to another really good season. Cooks has been monstrous this season, averaging 18 yards per reception and on pace for a 1,250 yard season. He’s averaging approximately 8 targets per game, and with Cooper Kupp already ruled out this week, the skies the limit for Brandin Cooks. I have him down as a back-end WR1 in a stout Sean McVay system against a below average San Francisco 49ers defense. The only way Cooks doesn’t perform this week is if the Rams get out way ahead and game flow dictates Gurley to go ham again.

Dynasty Outlook:

I love coach McVay’s system. The entire offense is running like the Autobots. Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks have all been viable starting options with Todd Gurley. To be honest, you can probably own the entire Rams offense and be a championship caliber team. However, Cooks has the highest potential and ceiling in my opinion. If you have to move Cooks, bundle him to get a high-end player OR 1st round rookie draft pick. My buddy Ryan Cearfoss believed in him, and it’s time that I do the same. Stash Cooks and watch him turn into a completely elite player as he continues to grow his talent and abilities in a high-powered Rams offense.

In summary, Jarvis Landry is a question mark and I will be cautious playing him this week even though he has a nice matchup. Josh Gordon will be ready in full by next week, so be prepared to play him then. Brandin Cooks will be the guy, especially with Cooper Kupp being injured. For more fantasy advice, add me on Twitter (@ricco_3733) or ask via email at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.com. Until then, I’ll see you for the Week 8 edition of Punt Pass Play!

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About the Author – Jarred Riccadonna is a West Virginia native and has always been a fan of the Cowboys and Packers. A lover of fantasy football, Jarred is currently in two dynasty and one IDP league. Other interests include throwing darts competitively, kayaking, traveling and working out. For 2018, Jarred is CPGM’s contributing author for our weekly segment “Punt, Pass, Play.” He currently lives in Columbus, OH. You can reach out to him for fantasy advice at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.com



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