Punt Pass Play

Punt Pass Play – Week 8

By: Jarred David @ricco_3733
Punt Pass Play – Week 8

I feel more shocked with my atrocious slump than I did when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30. But as they say: When the going get tough, the tough get going. If there is any positive I can use here, it’s that I haven’t steered you 100% incorrectly, but three straight weeks of the second best option still renders three straight weeks of pain and suffering to my ego. Go ahead and laugh. I intend on burying my face into some pizza in Chicago over the weekend. A food coma will help me forget and you will help me remember… 4-3 (3-loss slump).

On to Punt Pass Play Week 8. This week is intriguing mainly because it involves three running backs I did not intend on writing about this season but have ultimately become very intriguing and possible plays due to injuries and, of course, the infamous Week 8 Byes. With that being said, enjoy the read as I provide my thoughts on The Bye Week Edition of Punt Pass Play: Nick Chubb, Jalen Richard, Raheem Mostert.
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Raheem Mostert – San Francisco 49ers – Punt:

Simply put, Mostert had a decent outing against the Rams. But I do have a couple of concerns, which deters me from wanting to start him this week.  1) He only received 1 touch in the fourth quarter that game, which tells me the Niners aren’t 100% in as using him in a workhorse type of role while Breida is sitting out. 2) Alfred Morris is still getting 9-13 touches a game and is able to bang between the tackles, especially against a weak Cardinals defensive line. Yes, Arizona is literally the worst team against the rush, but part of that is victim of game flow (basically, due to their entire offense as reliable as rowing a boat on dry land). Last, I’m a conservative guy on starting someone right away after a sub-par game. I need to see more from him before I commit to him in the critical stages of getting into the fantasy playoffs. For me, Mostert is not a must-start. (My puns probably burn your eyes.)

Dynasty Outlook:

Raheem Mostert will be a free agent next season. If he is able to put together a strong resume while McKinnon and Breida are injured, he may be worth a stash in hopes of him finding a landing spot with opportunity. Up to this point, he hasn’t been much of a factor or else he would have been given the opportunity. You may find yourself rostering him and may be able to move him for a lower rookie draft pick next season. Consider finding a Bye-heavy team to negotiate the deal,

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez, The Chronicle

Jalen Richard — Oakland Raiders – Pass:

Personally, I think Jalen has a pretty inviting matchup against the Colts. However, Jon Gruden loves him some Mr. Muscle Hamster (Doug Martin) and anyone else who is age 29+ on the team. The Colts defense isn’t the best against the run (16th at 110.9 YPG), but it sounds like Doug Martin will get the “feature back” role. Even with 17+ touches available with Marshawn Lynch hitting I.R., I anticipate Jalen Richard will continue to only get 5-7 touches per game. He is an intriguing floor option since Andrew Luck will probably tear up the Raiders’ defense.

Dynasty Outlook:

Personally, I like Jalen Richard. He’s only 25 years old, and Doug Martin will unlikely be re-signed. He’s proven to be the better running back other than Marshawn Lynch up to this point. He’s a solid, down-hill runner, but I don’t think Oakland will give him the opportunity if should he stay. It’s a risky stash, but you won’t be able to sell him at a good price in exchange for the reward he may be able to provide depending on his landing spot. Don’t forget about the preseason star, Chris Warren, for next season. If Lynch does retire, I think it will be Warren’s job to lose regardless of the injury.

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Nick Chubb — Cleveland Browns – Play:

This Sunday may be an old school smash mouth football game against the Steelers because it may be rainy. Even though Pittsburgh has done really well against the run (6th least amount of yards allowed), I’m banking on Nick Chubb’s talent and running ability, Carlos Hyde getting moved to Jacksonville, and Chubb having a productive day even if it will be based on volume alone. Duke Johnson only received five touches last week, and the Browns are excited to use their new, shiny 2nd round pick. Even though Nick Chubb only had a 32-reception career in Georgia, he will still be the guy to play this week as an RB2 during the Bye week. Going forward, I see him potentially returning Leonard Fournette type of numbers given his style of running. Cleveland has shown that by giving him 18 touches alone last week.

Dynasty Outlook:

After Cleveland shipped Hyde to Jacksonville, it’s no secret that Chubb’s opportunities will be plentiful. The man is a solid, high-upside talent and there is no question in his ability to run the ball effectively. Chances are you drafted him anywhere between 1.3-1.8 in your rookie draft(s). No need to sell on a potentially high-rewarding, 22 year old (23 in December) running back. Even in Cleveland, he is worth keepsake. As always, employ a “no one is untouchable” strategy to field some offers. Someone may want to overpay for that potential, but it would require a lot for me, personally.

To summarize this week’s Punt Pass Play, Raheem Mostert needs to build more of a resume for me to want to play him. Jalen Richard will continue to offer floor potential, but the number of touches Oakland has given him have been underwhelming to play him. Nick Chubb will prove he’s no Nick Chump, even if it is based on Volume alone. For more fantasy advice, add me on Twitter (@ricco_3733) or ask via email at Riccadonna3733@hotmail.com. Until then, I’ll see you for the Week 9 edition of Punt Pass Play!

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