Quinnen Williams 2019 NFL Draft

Quinnen Williams 2019 NFL Draft Profile – CPGM Top 50

Couch Potato General Manager

Prospect Rank – #1

Position Rank – #1 Interior Defensive Line

Quinnen Williams 2019 NFL Draft Profile

College: Alabama

Height: 6’3

Weight: 303 lbs

CPGM Headley’s Prospect Notes


  • Dominant force in the middle, leave him one-on-one and he will win that battle.
  • Space eater as you need to double team him, can get after the QB quickly with quick first step and brute strength, blows up a bunch of plays taking the QB off his spot.
  • Can win as a run defender and pass rusher, aware football player that diagnoses screens, uses his hands and upper body well in order to slip through and by linemen to the backfield.
  • Double team blockers rarely get to the second level, blows plays up constantly as he plays through contact like someone isn’t blocking him.
  • Does a great job with leverage as he anchors effectively as lower body works in unison with upper half, moves around defensive line.
  • I’ll feel comfortable with him as a 3 or 5 technique; he’s at his best when allowed to attack in a one-gap scheme; therefore 3 technique is his optimal position.
  • Scary that he still has room to improve, physically imposing Fletcher Cox type player.
CPGM Drew’s Prospect Notes


  • Even though he is powerful he knows low man wins, especially on run plays he is giving you nothing to work with.
  • Stout at the point-of-attack no give.
  • Faced consistent double team.
  • Can play the 5, 3, 0, it don’t matter!
  • This is the type of player that gives you versatility and you lose almost nothing in the position you play him in. We all remember both Payne and Allen, he is better for the simple fact that he can do what they BOTH can do.
  • Them hands tho! Heavy and active. They are his best attribute! Keeping offensive linemen hands off and away from him and forcing them to be on their game at all times otherwise he will beat them thoroughly and quickly.
  • He is always moving and active. This the type of player that will wear down the opposing offensive lineman in front of him.


  • Will turn his body giving offensive linemen easier access to seal him off especially if the play is designed to go thru that gap.
  • Running games (stunts/twist) up front is something he must work on. It looks as though he is thinking through it as it’s happening rather than just reacting accordingly.



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