Isaiah Battle

2015 Supplemental Draft Profile: Isaiah Battle

With the 2015 NFL supplemental draft being held today, there are seven college entrants who have hope’s of being selected and ascending to the next level of football. Darrius Caldwell (DE). Eric Eiland (DE), Sean McQuillan (TE), Adrian Wilkins (WR), Dalvon Stuckey (DT), and Kevin Short (DB) will all be on stand by, awaiting that much anticipated phone call from the team who has taken a flier on them. Unfortunately, most of this year’s supplemental draft participants will be denied that illustrious privilege, and will have to seek out an alternate path into the ranks of the NFL. However, there is one prospect who stands above them all that has a legitimate chance of being selected and playing for an NFL franchise. Enter Isaiah Battle. This 6 foot 6 inch, 312 pound behemoth of a left tackle out of Clemson is as physically talented as they come. He moves very well for his imposing size, and has very long arms to boot (35 3/8 inches, 85 1/4 inch wingspan). There are a couple of reasons as to why Battle is in the supplemental draft as opposed to┬áthe traditional NFL draft. The primary factor being that Battle has made some regrettable off-field choices that could quite possibly have compromised his eligibility with the University of Clemson. These events have left Isaiah Battle’s character, and his ability to make good decisions in question. Another year with the Tigers would have served Battle well. He is still extremely raw, and could have benefited from an additional season of experience to improve his strength, and to refine his technique. With all of this in mind, it once again speaks to the level of untapped potential that Battle possesses. He is projected to go somewhere in the fourth round of the supplemental draft, but due to left tackles being at such a premium in the league, he could easily go higher. If this young man is able to get his life in order, and focus on football, then he could be a major contributor, or even the centerpiece of an NFL offensive line.

UPDATE: The St. Louis Rams have selected Isaiah Battle in the 5th round of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. Battle is the first player selected in the NFL Supplemental Draft since 2012.



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