T.J. Hockenson 2019 NFL Draft

T.J. Hockenson 2019 NFL Draft Profile – CPGM Top 50

Couch Potato General Manager

Prospect Rank – #10

Position Rank – #1 Tight End

T.J. Hockenson 2019 NFL Draft Profile

College: Iowa

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 251

CPGM Headley’s Prospect Notes


  • An in-line people mover
  • Versatile tight end that lines up in-line, in the slot or out wide at times, blocks and catches passes at a high level
  • Strong hands
  • Plays to the whistle
  • Decceptive route runner that can be a security blanket for his quarterback
  • Can open up holes as a lead blocker if asked to do so
  • Tough, hard to bring down after the catch, got juice in the open field
  • Catches the ball consistently in traffic.


  • At times over runs his blocks failing to get hands on opponents
  • Saw defenders able to throw him off his block when he over extends
  • Not a dynamic route runner.
CPGM Drew’s Prospect Notes


  • Has no issue getting in there and mixing it up
  • Good at engaging at the point-of-attack and turning and sealing off his responsibility when using his hands and leverage to win
  • He runs his routes well enough to get open and finds the holes in the zones sitting down and showing his numbers to the QB
  • Can line up virtually anywhere
  • Well coached, used in a variety of different ways
  • High football IQ and football acumen affords him the opportunity to speed up college-to-pro transition at a position (Tight End) that typically takes time for a player to make a difference
  • I watched him over and over at the second level run right at defenders with his route and take one, two, and sometimes three of them with him or be in the area just enough so that the underneath route can be free to catch and make a play after the catching the ball. Obviously some of that is scheme but again that is him understanding down, distance and the play call according to the defense and what his affect is on opposing defenses.


  • Can be overpowered in the run game
  • Isn’t the fastest out of his stance when hand is in the ground.  



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