2016 EOY Awards

It's a wrap. The 2016 regular season is over so as "couch potatoes" it's time and our responsibility to decide who should be taking home the End of Year (EOY) Awards.



The Film Says

“The Film Says… Week 4”

That's a quarter of the season in the books. Let's take a quick look  back at Week 4 in "The Film Says..."

Dolphins at Bengals
  • I know there are a lot of decent, good people...

“The Film Says…” Week 3

Coaching matters and fantasy football has skewed the definition of a quality quarterback. Please, I beg of you... watch the games.

Texans at Patriots
  • I've never been a fan...

AFC South Free Agency Primer

Free Agency marks the beginning of a new league year and is often characterized by over-spending, buyer’s remorse and ultimately salary cap purgatory. Hopefully your favorite team gets it...