2021 NFL Mock Draft

2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 CPGM Drew Enters the Chat!

2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0



2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft Grades – AFC South

2018 CPGM Interactive Mock Draft Grades - AFC South

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Jacksonville Jaguars

CPGM Front Office Takeover! Jacksonville Jaguars 2018

Front Office Takeover! Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 NFL Draft

Twitter: @SacksonvilSycho

In this article I am taking over the...

Mock Draft

CPGM Headley’s “Way Too Early” 21 – 30 Mock Draft (2018)

This "Way Too Early Mock Draft" represents a continuation, picks 21-30 in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. If you are looking for the Top...

NFL Draft Recap

NFL Draft Recap/Reactions & Grades

The NFL Draft is officially over which means it's time for all of the draft over reactions and judging of players before they even step on a NFL field. Check out how your favorite team did over...

Draft Needs

Biggest Draft Needs for all 32 teams

2017 NFL Draft Needs


1. Cleveland Browns - QB | Edge | CB | TE

The Browns' biggest need is a quarterback but with the QB class leaving a lot to be desired the favorite...


“The Film Says… Week 5”

The Film never lies and the film says...

Cardinals at 49ers
  • Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton started this game. Moving on...
  • ...

The Film Says

“The Film Says… Week 4”

That's a quarter of the season in the books. Let's take a quick look  back at Week 4 in "The Film Says..."

Dolphins at Bengals
  • I know there are a lot of decent, good people...
AFC South

2015 AFC South Predictions

AFC South Division Winner... Indianapolis Colts.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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Jacksonville Jaguars counterparts to be counted on

“Counterparts to be counted on” is a 32-part series where we the “Front Office” of couchpotatogm.com analyze one offensive player and one defensive...