CPGM Data Dumpster Dive – Week 9

CPGM Data Dumpster Dive - Week 9

An introspective look at the game tape juxtaposed against NFL Box Scores, trends, Fantasy Football Market Share, and...


Biggest question mark for each AFC Offense

Biggest question for each AFC Offense


Can the Patriots find a trade partner for Jimmy Garoppolo?

The Patriots 2014 second round pick is now a favorite to land somewhere...


“The Film Says… Week 5”

The Film never lies and the film says...

Cardinals at 49ers
  • Blaine Gabbert and Drew Stanton started this game. Moving on...
  • ...


“The Film Says…” Week 3

Coaching matters and fantasy football has skewed the definition of a quality quarterback. Please, I beg of you... watch the games.

Texans at Patriots
  • I've never been a fan...

NFL Draft – The Great QB Debate – 2016 class vs 2015 class

So let me get into how this debate started. It was late Sunday night, you know the worst night of the week when you know you have to go into work the next morning and deal with the Monday blues....


Rams-Titans Deal Breakdown

The Deal

It is the first time since 2004 (Eli Manning) the No. 1 pick has been traded and it happened two weeks before Roger Goodell took the podium....

NFL Re-draft

2015 NFL Re-draft: Picks 1 – 8

Hind sight is 20/20. Let's NFL Re-draft 2015!
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Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Counterparts to be counted on

“Counterparts to be counted on” is a 32-part series where we the “Front Office” of couchpotatogm.com analyze one offensive player and one defensive player on each team that MUST have a...

Yes! No….Round 1 – 2015 NFL Draft

My take on several draft selections that were particularly astute as well as those that were head scratchers.


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