The Film Says

“The Film Says…” Week 2

As I watched 8 games simultaneously on Sunday, cuz’ that’s what we do. I realized that up is down and down is up. I sucked at life in Week 2. How the hell did the Jags, Bucs, and Raiders win? You know what never mind. That’s why they play the games. Instead of lamenting on my poor DFS selections I look forward to the triumphant return of Le’Veon Bell. Here’s the Film Says for Week 2.

Broncos at Chiefs
  • It wasn’t pretty for Peyton Manning (26/45, 256 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, sacked 3 times) but once he ditched Gary Kubiak’s offense and started running ‘HIS’ offense the Broncos started to move the ball.
  • There he is. That’s the Alex Smith I know (16/25, 191 yards, 2 INTs, sacked 4 times). No so much the turnovers, just his customary, pedestrian pass attack.
  • Jamaal Charles (21/125/1) if not for those two fumbles lost…
  • I see you Demariyus (8/116).
  • And I raise you an Emmanuel Sanders (8/87/2).
  • Marcus Peters has a bright future ahead of him. In his first two career games the rookie has 12 tackles, 2 INTs (1 TD), and 7 passes defended. He didn’t win every match on Thursday but he contested everything.
  • We all know Justin Houston is a phenomenal pass rusher (2 sacks, 3 QB Hits). But, he’s a complete player, setting a physical edge against the run (Broncos 2.8 ypc).
  • Demarcus Ware (1 sack) and Von Miller (1 sack) aren’t bad either. They harassed Alex Smith the entire game and I expect big things from them now that they are back in a 3-4.
Chargers at Bengals
  • What’s gotten into Andy Dalton? He’s completed 68% of his passes and has 5 TDs and zero INTs through two games.
  • Brandon Flowers was looking like Byron Maxwell, I think all three of Dalton’s TDs were thrown at him.
  • There was a Gio Bernard sighting in Cincinnati (20/123). He was certainly more effective than Jeremy Hill (10/39/2 fumbles lost)..
  • Too bad for Keenan Allen (2/16) Rashean Mathis doesn’t play for the Bengals.
  • Melvin Gordon (15/88/5.5 ypc) needs more touches.
Rams at Redskins
  • The Rams had 213 total yards… Where is Todd Gurley when you need him?
  • Believe it or not the Redskins have only allowed 3 sacks through two games despite facing a pair of talented defensive lines in the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams.
  • I begrudgingly give Kirk Cousins credit for getting the ball out quickly, he’s also completing 76% of his passes though he’s not pushing the football down the field (6.92 avg.).
  • Matt Jones (19/123/2)! Who!?! Matt Jones! “At the draft they didn’t want me…” You know how the song goes.
  • Speaking of Matt Jones I dropped him in a couple of fantasy league’s (hurt). The Skins did well to get him more involved in Week 2, it was the difference in the game.
Falcons at Giants
  • This line (27/40, 292 yards, 2 TDs) is  misleading. Eli Manning didn’t play that well, Giants melted down late. Again.
  • Julio! (13/135)
  • Odell Beckham Jr. got on track (7/146/1) but he can’t do it alone.
  • Pfft…Roddy White (zero catches on 1 target); Hank Time! (6/77/1)
  • Shane Vereen (8 receptions for 76 yards). Doing what he does.
  • Just when I was getting excited about Tevin Coleman (9/32/1) cracked ribs.
Texans at Panthers
  • When I said Ryan Mallet was a better option than Brian Hoyer I didn’t have 58 pass attempts in mind.
  • Alright Cam, yo big ass flipping into the end zone, almost broke your ankle (271 total yards, 3 total TDs and 1 INT). Superman is a fictional character.
  • Paging Arian Foster, the Texans’ offense needs you on the field STAT! (Texans running backs 22/55/0 TDs)
  • J.J. Watt stuffing the stat sheet as usual. (5 tackles, 1 sack, 2 passes deflected)
49ers at Steelers
  • Colin Kaepernick (33/46, 335 yards, 2 TDs) and Big Ben (21/27, 369, 3 TD), not indicative of 18-43 score favoring the Steelers. But Kaepernick sacked 5 times and 1 lost fumble compared to Big Ben sacked zero times, no turnovers, IS.
  • Alright, alright, enough of DeAngelo Williams (20/77/3!!!) where Le’Veon at? On 80% of my fantasy teams. Can’t wait! (Bart Scott voice)
  • I’m sure 49er fans would like to see more of Torrey Smith (6/120/1). I’m just not sure if this was a matter of Kaepernick and Smith getting on the same page or a byproduct of the Steelers’ London Silly Nannies type secondary.
  • Ryan Shazier is a blur sideline-to-sideline. (11 tackles, 3 for loss, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovered)
  • Too soon to tell but the Steelers may be onto something with Bud Dupree. 2 sacks in 2 games for the rookie.
Bucs at Saints
  • WTF Drew (24/38, 255 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, sacked 4 times). That’s no cannon, that’s a slingshot.
  • The most important stat for Jameis Winston is ZERO turnovers as he gets his first win.
  • Little known Jacquies Smith (3 sacks) changed the tenor of this game when he injured Brees’ shoulder.
  • Good bounce back effort by the Bucs, Sean Payton you got some ‘splainin’ to do.
  • I’m going to pile on….the Saints are a bad team and that defense is laughable…Rob Ryan still has a job? That last name sure carries a lot of weight. See what I did there?
Lions at Vikings
  • Matthew Stafford had 53 pass attempts, yeah, that’s the winning formula on the road against a divisional foe. SMH.
  • Stafford also led the Lions in rushing (4/20).
  • Ameer Abdullah only had 6 carries and 1 target in the passing game…Stafford had FOUR carries of his own and attempted 53 passes!!!
  • Can’t say they didn’t try to get the ball to Megatron (11/83/1 on 17 targets) this week. Much better effort from the Vikes’ D in Week 2.
  • No more zone read for Adrian Peterson (29/134) just need to clean up those 3 fumbles.
Cardinals at Bears
  • Jay Cutler is a polished turd (8/9, 120, 1 TD, 1 INT returned for TD before leaving with an injury).
  • Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians are a match made in Heaven (17/24, 185 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT).
  • I threw dirt on Larry Fitzgerald back in 2013 (8/112/3!!!). It’s ALIVE!
  • Rookie running back David Johnson has 9 touches in his first two games and 3 TDs!!!
  • This one got out of hand in the third quarter, Matt Forte (15/61) became a non-factor.
Patriots at Bills
  • 40-32 Patriots….New England completely neutralized the Bills’ pass rush by spreading them out, emptying the backfield and getting the ball out quickly.
  • Who’s playing better than Tom Brady (38/59, 466, 3 TDs) right now? Jeez….
  • Tyrod Taylor was good (23/30, 242 yards, 4 total TDs, 3 INTs, sacked 8 times, 2 fumbles) in fantasy, not in reality.
  • LeSean McCoy (15/89) rounding into form…
  • So I guess Dion Lewis (138 total yards, 1 TD) isn’t going anywhere.
  • Gronk! (7/113/1)
  • They say repeating the same act over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Well the Bills adopted the Steelers’ approach and continuously gave Julian Edelman (11/97/2) free releases. He had the same amount of catches and yards as he did in Week 1 and added 2 touchdowns to boot.
  • They couldn’t block Chandler Jones (6 tackles, 3 sacks, 4 QB hits).
Titans at Browns
  • Marcus Mariota’s numbers (21/37, 256, 2 TDs, sacked 7 times, 3 fumbles lost 2) in Week 2 should stifle that HOF talk.
  • Listened to NFL Network’s Nate Burleson wax idiotic regarding the playmaking ability of Johnny Manziel (8/15, 172 yards, 2 TDs, sacked 2 times, 2 fumbles) let’s not get carried away. However, I do agree there’s no point in putting Josh McCown back in the lineup.
  • The Browns ran the ball (30x) twice as many times as Manziel threw it (15x) and won by 14 points. I’m sure Mike Pettine could live with that.
  • Admirable performances by Anthony Fasano (5/84/1) and Dexter McCluster (10/98).
  • My apologies. Duke Johnson is NOT a better receiver than Travis Benjamin (3/115/3 total TDs!!!)
  • If only Bishop Sankey could play against the Bucs every week. (6.2 yards per carry and 1 TD in Week 1;. 3.5 yards per carry O TDs in Week 2)
Dolphins at Jaguars
  • Ryan Tannehill threw for 300+ yards, 2 TDs and didn’t turn the ball over and the Dolphins lost. I don’t get it…
  • Lamar Miller (10/14) never mind, I get it now.
  • Even when Blake Bortles looks good (18/33, 273 yards, TDs, NO Turnovers) I still find issue with him. His scoring throws came on busted coverage and while he looked terrific in the first half, he did virtually nothing in the second.
  • Allen Robinson (6/155/2) was the main beneficiary of that busted coverage.
  • Rishard Matthews (6/115) and Jarvis Landry (8/110) did their part.
  • Suh managed 1 measly tackle and is being accused of free-lancing and jeopardizing the integrity of the defense. Still no excuse for losing to Jacksonville.
Ravens at Raiders
  • This game made me scratch my head… I know T-Sizzle is not only a star defender but the emotional leader of the Ravens team. But it’s almost as if the Ravens gave up on this one before it started. 37 points allowed! To the Raiders! WTH.
  •  The Ravens typically lose when Joe Flacco (32/45, 384, 2 TDs, 1 INT) is asked to throw more than 30 times in a game.
  • Apparently Derek Carr (30/46, 351 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT) is healthy.
  • Steve Smith (10/150) was one of the few DFS calls I got right in Week 2.
  • That’s what I’m taking about Amari (7/109/1).
  • Crabtree!?! (9/111/1)
Cowboys at Eagles
  • The Eagles looked terrible in this one as whole and Sam Bradford (23/37, 224, 1 TD, 2 INTs, 1 fumble lost) wasn’t exactly a bright spot.
  • Demarco Murray has 21 carries and 11 rushing yards through 2 games. Grass ain’t always greener but that $21 million guaranteed should soften the blow.
  • If Jordan Matthews (6/80/1) stops fighting the ball he’s going to have the type of season everyone expects him to have.
  • Well done Chip Kelly. Especially with that Byron Maxwell $63 million signing. Through 2 games nearly 80% of the passes thrown at Maxwell have been completed and he’s allowed 2 TDs.
  • Romo is hurt….I don’t want to talk about it.
Seahawks at Packers
  • I don’t know what Olivia Munn sees in Aaron Rodgers (25/33, 249, 2 TDs) with this boring, efficient and mistake free line.
  • Beast Mode (15/41) in a cage.
  • Eddie Lacy (3/9) left this one early with an ankle injury but James Starks (20/95) was money.
  • If Doug Baldwin (6/92/1) performed like this consistently, Seattle wouldn’t have acquired Jimmy Graham.
  • Speaking of Jimmy Graham (1/11 on 2 targets) why did Seattle trade for him?
  • I regret turning down a trade to acquire Randall Cobb (8/116), but that shoulder injury scares me.
Jets at Colts
  • Andrew Luck is averaging 3 turnovers a game. So much for my 57 TD prediction.
  • I know Frank Gore (15/57, 1 fumble lost) booted one but I don’t understand why Josh Robinson was on the field on passing downs, facing a blitz happy Jets defense. Asking a rookie to pick up the blitz when you have Gore at your disposal, is Pagano trying to get fired?
  • Donte Moncrief (7/122/1) bailed me out in my fantasy leagues and DFS. Thoroughly outplaying Andre Johnson and Phillip Dorsett.
  • Didn’t think Brandon Marshall (7/101/1) and Eric Decker (8/97/1) had it in them.
  • Revis Island. (1 INT, 2 fumbles recovered)