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“The Film Says…” Week 6

“The Film Says,” you’re not going to beat the Patriots if you get cute. The name of the game is matchups and execution. You might need some help along the way from the refs or “bend” the rules from time-to-time but the Patriots are the best at coming up with a game plane specifically designed to put their players in a position to succeed based on the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses. They execute on a more consistent basis then their opponents. Simply put, Belichick identifies the matchups and Brady executes the game plan. Easy money.

Falcons at Saints
  • That’s more like it Drew Brees (30 of 39, 312, 1 TD).
  • Ice Man’s numbers (30 of 44, 295, 2 TDs) look good but it was a sloppy performance from a fundamentals standpoint (sacked 5 times; 3 fumbles 1 lost).
  • I’ll take those TDs Mark Ingram (20/46/2). Not much success but he ran hard and he displayed great individual effort on both 1-yard TD runs.
  • Devonta Freeman (13/100/1; rec 8/56/1) continues to cut through opposing defenses like a knife through warm butter; better yet, like a knife through air. Tevin Coleman (4/40/1 fumble lost) averaged 10 yards per tout himself. Freeman’s most impressive run was only six yards (foot in the ground, close quarters) but it demonstrated more of his skill; unlike the carries where he goes untouched for 10-12 yards. That offensive line deserves a lot of credit.
  • Roddy White (3/23/1). He looked like a cold body prior to this game.
  • Mr. Benjamin WATSON (10/127/1) in my Arsenio Hall – Coming to America voice. Jimmy who? I kid of course.
  • Cameron Jordan (3!!! sacks) came to play! The Falcons’ run blocking has been fantastic. Room to improve the pass protection obviously.
  • Steve Gleason was in attendance, punt block, TD return. You know how this ends.
Redskins at Jets
  • I can’t with Kirk Cousins (25 of 43, 196 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs). He’s just not good.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (19 of 26, 253 yards 3!!! total TDs, 1 INT) has been solid all season long.
  • If Alfred Morris (11/21) can’t get it going Washington has no chance.
  • The fantasy football heads knew about him. But everyone should know who Chris Ivory (20/146/1) is now. Fourth in the NFL in rushing yards.
  • The Brandon Marshall (7/111/1) renaissance continues.
  • Bashaud Breeland (4 tackles, 2 broken up passes, 1 INT, 2 fumble recovers – 1 strip of Marshall) gave up a number of plays, but I’m a fan. He really competed and flashed as a rookie in 2014 and he’s always around the football. Got to get a little stronger but he is by far the Redskins’ best defensive back.
Cardinals at Steelers
  • That’s an empty line Carson Palmer (29 of 45, 421, 1 TD, 2 INTs). You’re better than this. Particularly when you’re playing against a bad secondary and have your full complement of weapons at your disposal.
  • Ugh! Vick (3 of 8 for 6 yards prior to leaving the game due to injury). Landry Jones (8 of 12, 168 yards, 2 TDs) came in and found Martavis Bryant, smart kid. That might be the last time we see Michael Vick take a snap in the NFL…maybe.
  • Speaking of Martavis Bryant (6/137/2). That’s 10 TDs in 11 career games!
  • Antonio Brown continues to wait for Big Ben to return…
  • It was a good fantasy day John Brown (10/196), Larry Fitzgerald (8/93), and Michael Floyd (5/50/1) but not enough substance to garner a win.
  • The Steelers defense is improving. But that secondary will ultimately be their undoing.
Chiefs at Vikings
  • More of the same from Alex Smith (22 of 37, 282 yards, 1 TD) in Week 6. He is who he is. I hold Andy Reid responsible for this pedestrian offense sans Jamaal Charles. Words to the wise…be careful who you hitch your wagon to.
  • What’s disappointing about Teddy Bridgewater (17 of 31, 249 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs) is that he’s struggling to put four quarters together. Flashes for stretches aren’t good enough. Consistency is the key.
  • The Chiefs have struggled against the pass but they get high marks for their handling of Adrian Peterson (26/60….23 yards came on one carry). That being said, the Vikings offensive line is below average.
  • Get used to the Teddy to Stefon Diggs (7/129) connection. Diggs is the #1 receiver in Minnesota as far as I am concerned.
  • Eric Kendricks (1o tackles, 1 sack, 1 pass defended) is always around the football. The kid can play. Three-down chops.
  • Not very many people have noticed but Allen Bailey (8 tackles, 1 sack, 3 TFLs, and 2 QB Hits) is having  a Pro Bowl type season.
Bengals at Bills
  • The Red Rifle (22 of 33, 243, 3!!! TDs) continues to be effective and efficient.
  • Shady (17/90/1) looked good in his return to the lineup. It’ll be interesting to see what the Bills offense looks like when Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins are all healthy.
  • Rex Ryan’s defense has done good job against opposing #1 receivers throughout the season, but they can’t stop anyone else. Case in point Marvin Jones (9/95/1).
  • Rex Ryan’s defense currently has 9 sacks through 6 weeks. The Broncos lead the NFL with 26 sacks. The Bills had 54 sacks total in 2014. Best in the NFL. The talent remains largely unchanged as well. I thought defense was Rex Ryan’s thing. Stop fixing things that aren’t broken.
  • Carlos Dunlap (3 tackles, 1.5 sacks) is enjoying a Pro Bowl caliber start to the 2015 season as well. His 6.5 sacks on the season is tied for 1st in the NFL.
Bears at Lions
  • Your typical Jay Cutler (26 of 41, 353 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) performance.
  • Thank you Matthew Stafford (27 of 42, 405 yards, FOUR TDs, 1 INT). DFS love.
  • Free Matt Forte (24/69/1)!
  • Megatron (6/166/1)! This type of performance has been elusive but due to no fault of his own.
  • Alshon Jeffery (8/147/1) is back! The Bears made a flurry of trades earlier in the season. Jeffery is the only player I wouldn’t trade on the Bears roster.
  • Someone forgot to tell Lance Moore (5/106/1) that he isn’t in New Orleans anymore. That’s Willie Snead’s house.
  • The short passing game with Golden Tate (rec 6/40/1) is what has become of the Lions’ rushing attack. I think the Lions should consider involving Joique Bell in the offense. Yeah…. it’s that bad.
  • Robbie Gould accounted for 14 of the Bears’ 34 points. Chicago struggled mightily in the red-zone. Including a Jay Cutler INT.
Broncos at Browns
  • Typical Peyton Manning (26 of 48, 290, 1 TD, 3!!! INTs) circa 2015.
  • Josh McCown (20 of 39, 213 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, sacked 4 times and 1 fumble lost) finally came back to Earth.
  • Ronnie Hillman (20/111) continues to make C.J. Anderson (13/41) look like a one hit wonder.
  • Doesn’t matter how shaky Peyton is or how many passes Demariyus Thomas drops, Thomas (10/111) and Emmanuel Sanders (4/109/1) are going to get theirs.
  • Travis Benjamin (9/117) is making the most of his opportunity and it just so happens to be during a contract year. Contract year love.
  • Gary Barnidge (3/39/2) an elite red-zone option?!? It would appear so.
  • Shaquil Barrett (9 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3 TFLs) makes plays whenever he gets extended run. When Von Miller or Demarcus Ware need a blow the Broncos lose little with Barrett on the field.
  • Old Man Karlos Dansby (7 tackles, 2 INTs, 1 TD) still gettin er’ done!
  • Aqib Talib (another Pick SIX) a perennial Pro Bowler?!? Yea.
Texans at Jaguars
  • I’m not going to get overly excited about Brian Hoyer’s (24 of 36, 293 yards, 3!!! TDs) performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Bill O’Brien has completely botched the head coaching job with the Texans. Particularly by going back and forth with his QBs. In fact, not even sure why he was in such high demand. He happened to be an offensive coordinator of a Tom Brady led offense and he managed a 15-9 record at Penn St. in the midst of the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno scandal (an admirable feat but nothing to write home about if you ask me). He then becomes a hot NFL coaching candidate? Remind how many coaches from Bill Belichick’s tree have been able to sustain success at any level? I’ll wait… He’s more noted for his colorful language than his actual ability to coach. I digress.
  • Blake Bortles (30 of 53, 331 yards, 3!!! TDs, 3!!! INTs) makes you shake your head in disgust just as many times as you say “wow.”
  • Nuk (10/148/2)! Perhaps you should double cover him?!? Yes? No!?! Hold that “L.”
  • Allen Robinson (6/86/1), Julius Thomas (7/78/1), and Allen Hurns (2/30/1). Useful. I like this trio.
  • The Colts have to LOVEEEE playing in this division.
Dolphins at Titans
  • Ryan Tannehill… (22 of 29, 266, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, sacked 2 times) meh.
  • Loooong day for Marcus Mariota (21 of 33, 219 yards, 1 TD, FOUR turnovers, sacked “Rick James/Charlie Murphy” times) despite early departure due to injury. This type of performance has become a trend. Hard life for rookie QBs.
  • I guess Bill Lazor didn’t want lose his job. Finally decided to feed Lamar Miller (19/113/1).
  • The Titans rushed 18 times for 63 yards, 3.5 yards per carry. Rookie QBs can’t have success with a meager rushing attack.
  • Delanie Walker (8/97) showed loved in garbage time.
  • Take the training wheels off of Dorial Green-Beckham (3/57) he can help your rookie QB.
  • Welcome to the 2015 season Cameron Wake (FOUR sacks in the 1st half)!
  • The Titans play in the same division as the Colts if you weren’t aware. SMH.
Panthers at Seahawks
  • Cam Newton’s (20 of 36, 269 yards, 2 total TDs, 2 INTs, sacked 3!!! times) game really is ugly. But he just keeps winning. Two, count them, two, 80+ yard drives to lead the Panthers to victory late at Century Link field.
  • Not good enough Russell (18 of 30, 241 yards, 1 TD, sacked FOUR times). That TD pass came on a trick play.
  • I blame Jonathan Stewart (20/78/2) for my “bad beat” in my family and friends fantasy league. I HATE losing. That being said, it was an encouraging sign seeing him run so hard. The Panthers are going to need this type of effort if they want to make some noise in the playoffs.
  • Greg Olsen (7/131/1) is a better player than Jimmy Graham (8/140). The main difference being Olsen can positively impact the game when he doesn’t have the football. Graham cannot.
  • Luke Kuechly returned just in time for Carolina. Meanwhile, Bobby Wagner was missed by Seattle.
  • That’s four blown 4th quarter leads by the Seahawks and 4 losses. And more blown coverage.
Chargers at Packers
  • Phillip Rivers (43 of 65, 503 yards, 2 TDs) was fantastic in a loss. But the Chargers came up a play or two short.
  • Aaron Rodgers (16 of 29, 255 yards, 2 TDs) has only thrown for more than 300 yards in one game this season. But that 15:2 TD/INT ratio tho…
  • It was a homecoming of sorts for Melvin Gordon (7/29; 2 fumbles, 1 lost). The Green Bay Packers didn’t give a damn.
  • That spare tire is of no use to Eddie Lacy (4/3!!! that’s yards; 1 fumble). However, James Starks (10/112/2 total TDs) looks lean, fast and appears to be the better back.
  • Keenan Allen (14/157 on 15 targets) should only be allowed to work in Vegas.
  • Antonio Gates (9/95 on 16 targets) and Malcolm Floyd (5/95 on 12 targets) picked up Allen’s promiscuous habits when it comes to targets.
  • James Jones (2/30/1) is like an impoverished version of Chris Carter. He’s caught at least 1 TD in 5 of the first 6 games of the season.
  • Jeremiah Attaochu (3 tackles, 2 sacks) showed some life but he and Melvin Ingram (zero tackles/sacks) MUST pick it up.
Ravens at 49ers
  • You saw Colin Kaepernick (16 of 27, 340 yards, 2 TDs) in Week 7 on TNF. No need to get excited about this performance. The opponent was ripe for the picking.
  • Never a good sign when Joe Flacco (33 of 53, 343 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs) throws the football so many times.
  • You’re welcome DFS players… Torrey Smith (3/96/1) and Anquan Boldin (5/102) performed as expected.
  • Ozzie Newsome had better be in Steve Smith’s (7/137/1) ear. Apparently Sr. is wavering on his retirement declaration. You don’t want this guy to retire just yet not with your current situation at receiver.
  • Neither team is any good too much talent has come and gone in recent years.
Patriots at Colts
  • Tom Brady (23 of 37, 312 yards, 3!!! TDs, 1 INT) got his “DeflateGate” vindication. He does a remarkable job of simply climbing the pocket. I’m no Brady fan but I respect his game. Mechanically he’s flawless, part of the reason why he continues to have so much success even at an advanced age (by NFL standards).
  • Encouraging performance from a battered and bruised Andrew Luck (30 of 50, 312 yards, 3!!! TDs). A little more balance and decent coaching could have made all the difference though.
  • The Colts have to defend the run better if they hope to win in this matchup. LeGarrette Blount (16/93/2 total TDs) continues to be the bane of Colts’ existence.
  • Too few carries for Frank Gore (13/78). The goal should be to keep Brady and co. on the bench.
  • You can’t let Danny Amendola (7/105) do you… SMH.
  • Of course Edelman (6/50/1) and Gronk (3/50/1) go theirs although the Colts did a decent job against them.
  • Greg Toler has to step up. Looks like the weak link in that secondary and completed disinterested in tackling. See LeGarrette Blount’s TD run.
  • T.Y. Hilton (6/74/1) finally found the end-zone. Thankfully, Donte Moncrief (6/69/1) has been the model of consistency all season.
  • Chuck Strong” did a weak job of coaching. That swinging gate/fake punt debacle was a joke.
  • Someone had to lace the ref’s pockets on that first onside kick call. Should have been Colts ball.
Giants at Eagles
  • Sam Bradford (24 of 38, 280 yards, 1 TD, 3!!! INTs) and that infernal “pouch” was disappointing per usual despite getting the win.
  • The Eagles own Eli Manning (24 of 38, 189, 1 TD, 2 INTs, sacked 3 times). Particularly in Philadelphia.
  • Demarco Murray (21/112/1) actually outperformed Ryan Mathews (9/40) on his way to his first 100-yard performance of the 2015 campaign.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. (7/61/1) did all his damage in the first half. Frankly, that was basically the extent of the Giants offense as Beckham accounted for the only Giants’ score.
  • I don’t understand how you let Riley Cooper (3/76/1) get behind you.
  • The masses are aware of Fletcher Cox (4 tackles/1 sack). But they may not know that his previous single season high in sacks is 5.5. He’s already got 5.0 through 6 weeks.
  • Pretty sloppy contest. The NFC East is a mess.








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