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Thursday Night Football Preview – 9/29/2016

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday September 29th on NFL Network at 8:25pm eastern

Well isn’t this just the sexiest match-up of the night? These two teams have a couple of things in common both are 1-2 and both could and should be 0-3. Don’t take my word for it do ya homework it’s pretty evident.

Miami Dolphins –  As is stands for now the Dolphins are the Dolphins, mediocre at best. Ryan Tannehill is still the inconsistent player he has always been and the Dolphins will go where he takes them and their record is a reflection of that at the moment. They lost two games by a total of nine points. In one game the defense showed up and played well and in the other the team didn’t show up until the second half after the opposition’s third string quarterback stepped on the field. Then this past Sunday you step on the field to face the Browns and it requires OT to get the victory. If I am a Dolphins fan I’d be asking myself why can’t we play to our full potential?

Cincinnati Bengals – Gave up 152 rushing yards to the Jets. If the Jets play not to lose they win that easily and for the past two weeks the Bengals have faced two of the top five teams in the league in the Broncos and Steelers. No Marvin Jones, who is the top fantasy wide receiver, no Mohamed Sanu, and an injured Tyler Eifert  who is missing his fourth straight game, has reared its ugly head. Although it seems as though they have found the run game, A.J. Green can’t do it by himself.

For the degenerate gamblers out there (-7) Cincinnati Bengals and the Over/Under is 44.5.


Tom Herman
Tom Herman – Photo by Juan Deleon/AP Photo

Connecticut Huskies at (6) Houston Cougars, Thursday September 29th on ESPN at 8pm eastern

Honestly, I’m  not sure this is a game worth watching unless you are a Houston Cougar fan or a gambler. The Huskies are thoroughly out matched although this is a conference match-up that brings familiarity and may keep the game close early; but not sure how long that will last.

Connecticut Huskies – The Huskies are 2-2  and haven’t played any quality opponents, unless you count the likes of Maine, Navy, Virginia or Syracuse a “quality opponent.” Losing to two and winning two (not in convincing fashion). Wide Receiver Noel Thomas looks to be their best player with 40 receptions already and more than half of the yards he had last year. He has also caught 31 more passes then the next closest guy. This is a run heavy team that goes at least four running backs deep. I do expect the Huskies to try to slow the game down and run the ball old school.

Houston Cougars – Quarterback Greg Ward is back at it again on Thursday night against a conference foe. Last time we saw Greg on Thursday it was against The Bearcats of Cincinnati, which that game was a game until about mid fourth quarter. I truly don’t expect this game to be much of a game. I expect Houston to score early and often and with no real resistance and Vegas seems to think the same with the line being at -29 HOU.

For the degenerate gamblers out there (-29) Houston Cougars and the Over/Under is 50.5


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