Thursday Night Football – Preview 10/27/2016

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans, Thursday October 27 on NFL Network at 8:25pm eastern

According to many people in the know the ratings for the NFL are down and I have to imagine that tonight’s game isn’t going to help between these two juggernauts. On top of that this is the worst division in football when you look at the teams from a talent stand point compared to others. Nevertheless it’s a divisional game and with it being still early in the season this “W” or “L” looms big for one coach’s job and the other perhaps a run at the division crown?!?

Jacksonville Jaguars  – Gus! Gus! Gus! What can I say. Reports are the owner Shad Khan is looking for answers as to what happen last Sunday. A 33 – 16 lost at the hands of the Oakland Raiders, in which, Bake Bortles through 2 more interceptions giving him 9 for the year.  The Jags have the second worst rushing attack in the NFL. On defense, yards wise the Jags aren’t bad at all but where they miss the boat is points given up (26.7) which ranks 26th in the league. From a bend but don’t break perspective they tend to break. I believe this falls on the offense and the lack of 3rd down conversions.  This may be Gus Bradley’s last game!!!

Tennessee Titans – One of the better rushing teams in the league as it stands and with a pretty stout defense. Last year I would have blamed the losses or bad play of the Titans on the coaching and (lack of) identity as well as the lack of talent. But this year they know exactly what it is they wanna do and for the most part they do it. Jon Robinson is building a team to be reckoned with. An old school approach of running the ball but at times from a new school approach. Some call it “exotic smash mouth”, option runs, spread read, etc… There is only one problem at the moment and that is the quarterback, Marcus Mariota who is inconsistent especially when it comes to his accuracy or just holding onto the ball too long. IF those aliments can be cured they have a shot to claim the division for themselves.

For the degenerate gamblers out there the point spread is (-3) Tennessee Titans and the Over/Under is 43.5.


Virginia Tech Hokies #25 at Pittsburgh Panthers, Thursday October 27 on ESPN at 7 pm eastern


This game tonight has the potential to determine the ACC Coastal Champ. One team essentially controlling their own destiny and the other needing a bit of help this could be a pretty good game to watch especially if you are a Clemson fan.

Virginia Tech Hokies – The Hokies are the team that has full control of their own destiny for the ACC Coastal crown, with losses to Tennessee, out of conference, and Syracuse, in conference, they are holding a 3 – 1 conference record with Duke, Virginia, and Georgia Tech left after tonight. With just North Carolina in front of them who they already beat handily I might add 34 – 3, who is only in front of them because they have played one more conference game at the moment with a 4 – 1 record in conference. If the Hokies win out they will most likely be playing Clemson for the ACC crown maybe even a playoff spot!

Pittsburgh Panthers – If you didn’t know the Panthers have a player on their team, presumably their best player who beat cancer in running back James Conner, who will be playing on Sundays soon. With Clemson and Miami still looming on the schedule and the Panthers having a 2 – 1 record in conference, the lone lost coming at the hands of the Tarheels of North Carolina. The Panthers have some football to play and some scoreboard watching to do. Luckily for them the Tarheels play North Carolina State to end the season and have the Hokies  tonight the two teams sitting in front of them at the moment.


For the degenerate gamblers out there the point spread is (-3.5) Virginia Tech and the Over/Under is 57.5.



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