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Top 5 Draft Prospects by Position 2.0 – 2017

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  1. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
  2. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
  3. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
  4. Brad Kaaya, Miami
  5. Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh↑(NR)

Synopsis – This move up for Peterman has more to do with getting Pat Mahomes out of my Top 5. There is a substantial amount of love for Mahomes due to his flash but I have major questions regarding his mechanics and him not playing within the confines of an offense. He will be a project at the next level so if an NFL coach has time to develop the young gun slinger then kudos to them.


  1. Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
  2. DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame
  3. Deshaun Watson, Clemson
  4. Brad Kaaya, Miami
  5. Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh↑(NR)

Synopsis – Peterman played in a pro-style offense giving him an understanding of what he’ll be dealing with in the NFL. I know Mahomes has plenty of traits that folks like but the fact that Mahomes would refuse to step up in the pocket and help his tackles and turn the play into sandlot football among some other fatal flaws has me wondering why I even put him in my Top 5 in the first place. Arm strength is nice but if you can’t function within the offense time wise you may want to play another position.

Running Backs


  1. Dalvin Cook, Florida State
  2. Leonard Fournette, LSU
  3. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma
  4. Christian McCaffery, Stanford ↑(NR)
  5. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee ↓(4)

Synopsis – Taking another look at the tape showed me where McCaffrey will excel at the next level. He is a extremely patient runner with the vision to run in between the tackles. I can see McCaffrey as a lead back in the NFL with dynamic play making abilities to line up at slot wide receiver. Kamara might be a bigger weapon than McCaffrey, but he is more of a Telvin Coleman complimentary type back who can give you splash plays within your offense.


  1. Dalvin Cook, Florida State
  2. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma
  3. Leonard Fournette, LSU
  4. Christian McCaffery, Stanford
  5. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee

Synopsis – No change for me here. I’ll just say that those who seem to doubt what Cook can do because he didn’t run as fast as they thought of would of liked at the combine need to go back and watch the film. He was plenty fast and quick, exploding through holes or to the outside for huge chunks and for six.

Wide Receivers


  1. Mike Williams, Clemson
  2. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
  3. John Ross, Washington
  4. Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech
  5. Carlos Henderson, Louisiana Tech ↑(NR)

Synopsis – Point blank period, Henderson’s tape blew me away. If Henderson can keep working on his craft and get more refined with his route running, the sky is the limit. I see a lot of Corey Coleman in him with a splash of Antonio Brown.


  1. Corey Davis, Western Michigan ↑(2)
  2. Mike Williams, Clemson ↓(1)
  3. Zay Jones, East Carolina ↑(NR)
  4. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington ↓(3)
  5. John Ross, Washington

Synopsis – I moved Davis up simply because he is slightly more complete than Williams, but this is by the slimmest of margins. Zay Jones previously wasn’t in my Top 5 rankings but after watching him completely and the added combine numbers he is a player to be reckoned with. Many think he is only a slot WR he will show them more than he can tell’em (Zay Jones Youtube Senior Bowl).  I know Ross ran that 4.22 40 but a bad history of injuries don’t just disappear especially the kind he had.

Tight Ends


  1. O.J. Howard, Alabama
  2. David Njoku, Miami
  3. Bucky Hodges, Virginia Tech ↑(NR)
  4. Evan Engram, Ole Miss
  5. George Kittle, Iowa ↑(NR)

Synopsis – The walking mismatch that is Bucky Hodges was not used correctly at Virginia Tech. This move up to number 3 is based solely on potential. If an NFL team finds the correct way to use Hodges, I believe his ceiling can be higher than any tight end in this strong class. Many other tight ends could of got that 5th spot like Gerald Everett and Jordan Leggett. However, those guys don’t have the dog in them like a George Kittle. I love Kittle’s tenacity and the way he plays through the whistle.


  1. O.J. Howard, Alabama
  2. David Njoku, Miami
  3. Bucky Hodges, Virginia Tech ↑(NR)
  4. Evan Engram, Ole Miss ↓(3)
  5. Jake Butt, Michigan 5 ↓(4)

Synopsis – I do think that Njoku has the highest ceiling of any player in the draft!!! Being so young (20) and playing in a pro-style offense at Miami, a coach has the opportunity to mold him as they see fit. Bucky Hodges’ height, weight and ability to move is that of leprechauns and fairies. I personally think he is a good coach away from being a player that has to be game-planned for come Sunday.

Offensive Tackles


  1. Garett Bolles,​ Utah ↑(4)
  2. Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin ↓(1)
  3. Cam Robinson, Alabama ↓(2)
  4. Antonio Garcia, Troy ↑(5)
  5. Roderick Johnson, Florida State ↓(3)

Synopsis – In 1.0 I’ll be honest and say I didn’t watch these guys very deeply. After getting a look at Garett Bolles’ athleticism and the way he gets to the second level, he supplants all other tackles in a very thin class. Garcia is another guy that has plus movement skills. Gaining weight and now being over 300 pounds was also a move in the right direction for Garcia.


  1. Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin
  2. Garett Bolles,​ Utah ↑(5)
  3. Cam Robinson, Alabama ↓(2)
  4. Antonio Garcia, Troy ↓(3)
  5. Roderick Johnson, Florida State ↓(4)

Synopsis – Although he did not participate in the combine Ramczyk is still my #1 OT. Bolles just continues to rise and rise on up the boards with his athleticism and fire. Bolles plays with a nasty that I look for in an OL. He is an older player but for me this is a plus.

Interior Offensive Lineman


  1. Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky ↑(3)
  2. Dan FeeneyIndiana ↓(1)
  3. Pat Elflein Ohio Sate ↓(2)
  4. Taylor Moton, Western Michigan
  5. Ethan Pocic, LSU

Synopsis – It was pleasant sight to see Lamp absolutely kill the combine after he dominated Senior Bowl practices. He didn’t play in the actual game due to an ankle injury, but his tape backs up his strong combine performance. Lamp is a 4-year starter at tackle but will move inside at the next level. He is a strong, athletic, technically sound competitor that has the versatility to play every position on the offensive line.


  1. Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky ↑(2)
  2. Pat Elflein, Ohio State ↑(3)
  3. Dan FeeneyIndiana ↓(1)
  4. Ethan Pocic, LSU ↑(5)
  5. Taylor Moton, Western Michigan ↓(4)

Synopsis – Lamp another player who I was waiting to see what his numbers would show at the combine and he didn’t disappoint. Ethan Pocic who some predict will play guard not center in the league due to his height will have the fact that he played center in college on his resume and shows he can play it in the league if need be.

Interior Defensive Lineman


  1. Jonathan Allen, Alabama
  2. Solomon Thomas, Stanford
  3. Malik McDowell, Michigan State
  4. Caleb BrantleyFlorida
  5. Montravius AdamsAuburn ↑(NR)

Synopsis – After dominating the Senior Bowl with his strength and stout run support, I had to find a way to move Adams into the Top 5. Get Adams in the right system with a head coach that challenges him to give it his all on every snap and he can be a 10-year pro. Nice rotational piece for your defense.


  1. Jonathan Allen, Alabama
  2. Solomon Thomas, Stanford
  3. Caleb Brantley, Florida
  4. Malik McDowell, Michigan State
  5. Carlos Watkins, Clemson

Synopsis – No change here from 1.0. I will add though you have to be weary of Malik McDowell and what you may be bringing into your locker room (Check out Malik McDowell vs Caleb Brantley). Not denying the talent but talent isn’t everything when guys wanna play outside the scheme of the defense. Jonathan Allen has some injury concerns that I’m just not concerned about. And Solomon Thomas is a SPECIAL PLAYER watch the UNC tape and then hit me back CPGM Drew on Twitter.

Edge Rushers


  1. Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
  2. Derek Barnett, Tennessee
  3. Charles HarrisMissouri ↑(NR)
  4. Demarcus WalkerFlorida State ↓(3)
  5. Tim Williams, Alabama ↑(NR)

Synopsis – Status quo at the top with Garrett and Barnett. Although I dropped Walker to number 4, I still like him more than most due to his high motor and relentlessness. Walker got better every season at FSU and I’m betting he does the same at the next level. Harris and Williams have potential through the roof, with better refinement in their games they can become 10+ sack guys consistently.


  1. Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
  2. Solomon Thomas, Stanford
  3. Derek Barnett, Tennessee
  4. Tim Williams, Alabama
  5. DeMarcus Walker, Florida State

Synopsis – Again, no change here. Every player here I predict to be a first round pick. Players of note Jordan Willis and Chris Harris maybe as well.



  1. Reuben Foster, Alabama
  2. Haason Reddick, Temple ↑(NR)
  3. Jarrad Davis, Florida ↑(4)
  4. Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt ↓(2)
  5. Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State ↓(3)

Synopsis – It would be criminal not to place Haason Reddick in your Top 5 after the month he just had. Reddick went from a Day 3 to Day 2 pick after the Senior Bowl, then to a Day 1 pick after the combine. The college defensive back/defensive end looks to be an off-the-ball linebacker in the NFL with pass rushing chops on passing downs. He is a versatile athlete and it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets drafted before Foster.


  1. Reuben Foster, Alabama
  2. Jarrad Davis, Florida
  3. Haasan Reddick, Temple ↑(NR)
  4. Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State ↓(3)
  5. Zach Cunningham, Vanderbilt

Synopsis – Although Raekwon showed out at the combine the tape don’t lie. Davis is a player when watching others from the UF defense kept making plays and showing up over and over. It was ridiculous at times. Reddick is an intriguing prospect with untapped potential that has flourished at whatever he is asked to do. He will be someone who I will continue to keep my eye on through his career. As you can see nothing for me has changed with Foster this includes injuries and combine mishap. He is one of the special ones in this draft.



  1. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State
  2. Tre’Davious White, LSU ↑(3)
  3. Jalen “Teez” Tabor, Florida ↓(2)
  4. Quincy Wilson,​ Florida
  5. Adoree’ Jackson, USC

Synopsis – The only thing I am sure about in this tough position to rank is that Lattimore is my number 1 guy. With so many ballers at the position, it is impossible not to leave off a guy you like a lot. The Gators corners are moving down due to their zone scheme oriented style of play. A guy I would have ranked third had it not been for his Pro Day injury is Sidney Jones. I sort of overlooked him a bit when watching tape originally. I didn’t see what all the love was about initially. A further look into the tape showed me a guy with great feet and technique. He played mostly left corner back and dropped back in zone quite often. I see the Marcus Peters comps but he is not close to the instincts and ball skills of a Peters.


  1. Quincy Wilson, Florida
  2. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State ↑(3)
  3. Sidney Jones, Washington ↑(4)
  4. Tre’Davious White, LSU ↑(5)
  5. Gareon ConleyOhio State ↑(NR)

Synopsis – I don’t care about Quincy Wilson’s results from the combine. I wasn’t expecting anything special. I just know when the lights come on he is a gamer! I previously had Teez in my rankings but he is strictly a zone corner who flourishes when his eyes are on the QB and ball is in the air.  Conley is a player who was not previously in my top five. After some more film study I had no choice but to do so. Base don his film and his combine performance I am believe that with a little more refinement in his technique he will become more consistent and a corner teams will shy away from.



  1. Malik Hooker, Ohio State
  2. Jamal Adams, LSU
  3. Budda Baker, Washington ↑(5)
  4. Obi Melifonwu, Connecticut ↑(NR)
  5. Tedric Thompson, Colorado ↑(NR)

Synopsis – Budda Baker looks like the second coming of Tyrann Mathieu with his ability to play up high safety, nickel corner and rush off the edges. Not the biggest guy, but has versatility like no other. Obi might make the switch to CB at the next level, but if he stays at safety I can see him having of Byron Jones role at the next level. It was a close call at 5 between Tedric Thompson and Marcus Williams, but I chose Thompson because he is a slightly better tackler in run support.


  1. Jamal Adams, LSU
  2. Malik Hooker, Ohio State
  3. Budda Baker, Washington ↑(4)
  4. Obi Melifonwu, Connecticut ↑(NR)
  5. Jabrill Peppers, Michigan ↓(3)

Synopsis – I wanna say,  Baker and Hooker were so very close for me. But you see my ending result. Obi is an intriguing prospect who may in the end play corner. With that kind of size a man is not suppose to move like he does. So very fluid with his hips and and ability to track down the ball in the air is something to behold. If you could have a player that is taller and weighs more but can move like the players at his position with the same speed and fluidity if not more, why the hell not?!