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Breakdown: Top Wide Receiver Prospects – 2017

Breakdown: Top Wide Receiver Prospects – 2017

Wide Receivers


  1. Mike Williams, Clemson
  2. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
  3. John Ross, Washington
  4. Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech
  5. Carlos Henderson, Louisiana Tech 

Synopsis – Big Mike Williams is my number 1 guy in part due to not seeing an absolute monster at the collegiate level when the ball is in the air since the likes of Mike Evans and Alshon Jeffery. I was really high on DeAndre Hopkins also coming out of Clemson, but I didn’t know he was this great of a high-point receiver until he was in Houston. Every quarterback wishes they can play with a big body guy like Williams because of his catch radius You don’t have to be pin point accurate when throwing the ball to him. A close second is Corey Davis whose game breaking yards after the catch prowess rivals Amari Cooper. Davis is also an excellent route runner who separates at the top of his breaks particularly well. He dominated MAC competition since touching foot on the field in his freshman season, now the question will be how will he hold up against the best of the best in the big league? John Ross just broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record at the NFL Combine. I repeat John Ross just broke Chris Johnson’s 40-yard dash record at the NFL Combine. Don’t let Ross’ 4.22 40-yard dash fool you into thinking that he is just a one trick pony. Ross has deceptiveness and quickness in his routes and could be the best wide receiver in this class if he can just fight the injury bug. I see a lot of Mike Williams in Isiah Ford and you know how much I like Williams already. He might be higher on my board than most but the former high school basketball star can uncover at all three levels and has ball skills to high-point passes with the best of them. Rounding out my Top 5 is a guy that has potential through the roof. There are other guys like Zay Jones, Cooper Kupp and Dede Westbrook with more NFL ready skills but Henderson is a play-making demon who has one of the highest ceilings in the entire draft.


  1. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
  2. Mike Williams, Clemson 
  3. Zay Jones, East Carolina
  4. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
  5. John Ross, Washington

Synopsis – For my #1 and #2 rankings here, its’s all about preference and although I think Davis offers a little more in terms of a WR skill set these two are both #1 wideouts. Davis, a more polished route runner (best in the class) and the ability to pull away from would be defenders. Williams, a physical specimen who is the biggest kid on the playground who can out catch, out muscle defenders on his way to the football. Williams is open when he is not. I moved Zay Jones from ‘Not Rated’ to my #3. When watching film there is usually something for each player you can point to or that stands out that you can say ‘this is what he does well”, for Jones that was his ability to make all his routes from the start look the same giving the defender that is covering him no clue into what is coming. Jones also has quick feet. The question was can he play outside? Well that was answered at the Senior Bowl. Kupp was moved to #4 from #3  because Jones’ play speed is faster and a bit more elusive. Im not sure why folks were so disappointed with Kupp’s 40 time; I didn’t think when watching him that he was a blazer or did most if any of his damage as a WR with his speed. It looked to me as though it was him being crafty in his route running, finding the wholes in the zone, or just point blank understanding where he needs to be to best help his QB. I have a feeling Kupp will be that “old Mr. Reliable” on 3rd downs for his QB. Now people are wondering why in the hell Ross is my #5? How? You must be crazy! No not at all, it’s really simply actually. Ross is a walking injury waiting to happen. When you go back and look at his injury history it’s not something to gloss over. I am aware he ran a 4.22 in the combine and even came out of that gimpy. We all know the saying right “best ability is availability” and not I’m sure this is the case for Ross.



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