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Week 2 Broncos at Chiefs – NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup

3 Things for Broncos to win

1. Replicate the defensive performance from Week 1. Seems like this won’t be a typical Peyton Manning like season this year for the Broncos hence the importance of the Broncos defense. Get after the Chiefs offensive line who had troubles with J.J. Watt. Von Miller should feast against the right side of the Chiefs offensive line.

2. Establish a running game. Not sure why Manning threw the ball 40 times in Week 1 but that’s not the formula for success anymore for Denver. The Broncos offensive line needs to grab the bull by its horns and establish dominance in Gary Kubiak’s zone blocking scheme. Collectively the Broncos ran for 2.8 yards per carry against a tough Ravens front. It doesn’t get any easier against the Chiefs but that 2.8 needs to be closer to 4.0.

3. Don’t let Jamaal Charles get loose. Numbers to the ball carrier. Charles is one of if not the most elusive running backs in the NFL and if you miss tackles it can be a long day. The Chiefs will try and get touches for Charles on the ground and through the air so it’s important to know where he is at all times and bring bodies to the party.

3 Things for Chiefs to win

1. Force Peyton Manning to beat you with his arm. Wow I can’t believe that’s what it has come to for the first ballot Hall of Famer. But the Ravens gave you the formula to beat the Broncos although they came up short due to their own offensive struggles. Play tough run defense and force Manning to throw it down field. The more attempts for Manning the better chance you have to win.

2. Get the ball into your playmakers’ hands. Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Maclin, and Travis Kelce need the ball in their hands. Check down Alex Smith did a great job last week by being efficient, getting the ball out of his hands quickly, and getting the ball to his playmakers. Continue that kind of play and you should come out with a key divisional victory.

3. Get after the Broncos’ revamped offensive line. The Chiefs pass rushers might be the best duo in the NFL and they get to go against a line that struggled to block for Manning last week. Control the line of scrimmage with your talent and your huge home field advantage with the #ChiefsKingdom.

What to watch for…

The surplus of pass rushing talent in this game. You might not ever see another matchup this season with as many great pass rushers in one game. Enjoy the speed and talent of Von Miller, Demarcus Ware, Shane Ray, Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Dee Ford, and Allen Bailey.

The Front Office Says…

Strud and Juice – Kansas City Chiefs win.

Headley – Denver Broncos win.



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