NFL Matchup

Week 3 Chiefs at Packers – NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup

3 Things for Chiefs to win

1. Put the heat on Aaron Rodgers. No you won’t have #ChiefsKingdom in the stands but in order to get a road victory Tamba Hali and Justin Houston has to cause mayhem. Don’t let Rodgers get comfortable in the pocket and make him throw the ball earlier than he wants. Another important key is to not let Rodgers escape your pass rush and by time for his receivers.

2. Stop telegraphing your passes Alex Smith. Last week Smith hardly got to his second read within the offense and went to his first read no matter what. The Packers defense is too fast and will be reading your eyes therefore manipulate the defense by looking off your first target and taking shots downfield.

3. Charles, Maclin, Kelce. Get your playmakers the ball in space. These are some of the most explosive players in the NFL so it’s essential they get their touches.

3 Things for Packers to win

1. No matter who is in the backfield tonight avoid being one dimensional. The Chiefs have some of the most feared pass rushers in the league so slow them up by running the football. Eddie Lacy should be limited with his injury but James Starks is a more than capable of carrying the load.

2. Attack the Chiefs’ right corner back. Last week Peyton Manning had success throwing at Jamell Fleming. Continue this trend because it’s easy money on that side whether it’s Fleming or Phillip Gaines.

3. Play aggressive and tackle on the defense. Check down Alex Smith probably won’t challenge you deep so it’s your job to swarm to the football and gang tackle the Chiefs playmakers. Don’t let Charles, Maclin, or Kelce get loose for yards after contact.

What to watch for…

The Chiefs secondary versus the Packers receivers. The Chiefs have tons of talent on the back end with the likes of Marcus Peters, Eric Berry, Ron Parker, and Husain Abdullah so watch out for how physical they are at the line and how physical they are once a Packers receiver catch the ball across the middle.

The Front Office Says…

The Green Bay Packers win.



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