NFL Matchup

Week 4 Ravens at Steelers – NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup

3 Things for Ravens to win

1. Take advantage of the Steelers quarterback. Big Ben is injured and Michael Vick is starting on a short week. The Ravens defense has been horrendous over the last two weeks and tonight is the night for them to step up. The Steelers will for sure limit the playbook for Vick who is not all that familiar with the offense so take advantage.

2. Run the football. Like most teams in the league, the Ravens offense has been pass happy. Question is how can you be pass happy with your number two weapon being Kamar Aiken? Yes teams are stacking the box against you but you need to continue to pound the rock as Steve Smith is your only receiver who can beat man on man coverage. Limit Joe Flacco’s pass attempts and you should be golden.

3. Find Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown on the field. Vick will look to them early and often so it is your responsibility to know where they line up. Always have a swarm of defenders around these electrifying athletes and don’t let them beat you.

3 Things for Steelers to win

1. Make Le’Veon Bell carry the load. He needs at least 30 touches in this game. Vick is new to the offense so his best friend will be a strong running game. Bell who missed the first 2 games because of a suspension and has a huge chip on his shouldee. Unleash Bell and he will lead you to victory.

2. No turnovers Mike Vick. We all know you wont be as prepared as you need to be on a short week but you cannot put your team in a bad position by turning the ball over. Take care of the football and get the ball in your playmakers hands.

3. Stuff the run and force Flaco to throw the ball to a receiver not named Steve Smith. Teams have had success thus far taking away Justin Forsett and forcing Flacco to throw the ball. Continue that formula and the Ravens will be 0-4.

What to watch for…

The field position battle.

The Front Office Says…

The Baltimore Ravens win.



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