NFL Matchup

Week 5 49ers at Giants – NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup

3 Things for 49ers to win

1. Colin Kaepernick must resemble a professional quarterback. He’s been awful in recent weeks and it appears that his confidence in his ability to throw the ball outside the numbers has waned. A matchup against Dominique Rodgers-Cromarite and Prince Amukamara certainly won’t help matters but the Giants are going to play man-to-man, stack the box and dare Kaepernick to throw down field. The Giants aren’t going to try confuse Kaepernick which means you pick out your best matchup and attack it with confidence.

2. Get Carlos Hyde more involved. In other words don’t take him of the field, even in passing situations. He’s a dynamic talent and his lack of production has correlated with a dwindling workload. The reduction in carries and targets is in direct correlation to the 49ers’ inability to sustain drives, get stops, and keep the game close. So, even if you fall behind and it becomes a “pass first” contest keep Hyde on the field. If you’re inclined to put Reggie Bush in the game under those circumstances leave Hyde in there with him.

3. Win the special teams battle and avoid penalties. Hidden yardage and the kicking game can swing the pendulum in your favor. Be the more disciplined football team and give yourself a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter.

3 Things for Giants to win

1. Keep Eli Manning clean. The 49ers have struggled in all phases of the game including pass defense. Eli appears to be in a bit of a rhythm and has done a good job of spreading the football around as teams aim to limit Odell Beckham’s opportunities by rolling coverage to the 2nd year wideout or simply double covering him.

2. Mind the middle of the field. Your cornerbacks are excellent in man-to -man coverage but your linebackers and safeties are suspect. On more than on occasion running backs and tight ends have made quite the living against those two position groups for the Giants. They have to do a better job of doing their JOB.

3. Don’t beat yourself. The Giants tend to make games interesting with poor clock management and a lack of awareness in terms of situational football. Communication has to be tight. As one!

What to watch for…

Colin Kaepernick. Can he overcome adversity? Can he demonstrate some mental toughness? Or will he embarrass himself on National TV?

The Front Office Says…

The New York Giants to win.



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