NFL Matchup

Week 7 Seahawks at 49ers – NFL Matchup

NFL Matchup

3 Things for Seahawks to win

1. No more miscommunication in the secondary. You are the Legion of Boom for a reason, so play like it. Last week’s loss to the Panthers was crushing for the Seahawks as they have now blown 4, fourth quarter leads thus far in the 2015 season. The crushing part was how they loss due to miscommunication in the secondary. Richard Sherman seemed to have been playing cover 2 while Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas looked to be in cover 3 giving TE Greg Olsen a wide open lane in the seam to catch a game winning TD. This cannot happen in this game, new defensive coordinator Kris Richard needs to rally his troops and get the defense on the same page.

2. Get that 2013/2014 pass rushing back. The Seahawks usually dominate teams when they have a lead in the 4th quarter due to their ferocious pass rushers. I believe the talent is there to get it done with Bruce Irvin, Michael Bennett, and company. If you have a lead late in the game I’m looking at the defensive line to see if they can make a play.

3. Beast Mode is your best friend. “Bruh I been here the whole time!!!” Seahawks offensive line has struggled this season and the best way to alleviate that is to get Marshawn Lynch the ball early and often. He can single handedly change the complexion of this game therefore feed the beast.

3 Things for 49ers to win

1. Keep Russell Wilson in the pocket. Wilson is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks when he breaks containment and gets out of the pocket on the edges. Make sure you have you are discipline in your pass rush and make Wilson beat you from the pocket.

2. Down and distance is important for Colin Kaepernick. Play ahead of the chains, the best way to do it is to give Carlos Hyde the ball. Kap is a much better quarterback if he is not in 3rd and longs. Make Kap manage the game and set him up with easy reads utilizing play action passes or run/pass options.

3. Colin Kaepernick might not be “no Russell Wilson” but he cannot implode in this ball game. After a brutal 2 week stretch where Kap threw for a total of 227 yards and 5 interceptions with 0 TDs he has bounced back nicely in his last 2 games throwing for a total of 602 yards and 4 TDs with 0 interceptions. If that is not night and day I don’t know what is. Continue playing like good Kaepernick and keep bad Kaepernick locked away.

What to watch for…

The Seahawks pass rush. I will be keeping my eyes closely on if the Seahawks can get pressure on Kaepernick. If they show life, I believe they can make their way back to the playoffs. If not, they aren’t going anywhere this season.

The Front Office Says…

The Seattle Seahawks win.



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